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Thierry Astesano offers:

  • Work for sale at Sign of the Dove: An 18-year member of this artisans' cooperative in Cambridge's Porter Square, Thierry offers jewelry and hand-forged sterling silver objects for sale.

  • Custom work: Thierry will make rings, earrings, bracelets and more to your specifications, in silver, gold and platinum.

  • Repair and resizing: Thierry can repair your beloved jewelry and resize rings so you can keep wearing them.

About Thierry

Born and raised in France, Thierry is a graduate of the Jewelry Making and Repair Program at Boston's North Bennet Street School. He has 25 years of experience fabricating and restoring jewelry, working for some of Boston's premier artisan jewelers. Thierry was the sole bench jeweler for celebrated mid-century modernist John Lewis (97 Newbury Street) for 15 years, until John retired and closed his store in December 2018.


Phone: 617-710-0435

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